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Radio Frequency Identification


RFID is short for "Radio Frequency Identification." This system uses small tags to track important items and RECORD INFORMATION based on the PROGRAMING of the tag.  When the tag comes in range of the scanner the RECORDED INFORMATION can be read and captured.  RFID can be used to cover large areas very quickly and accurately.  With one pass of a handheld reader you can ACCESS ALL of the information on the items that have been tagged.


PROGRAMING on RFID tags can be changed, UPDATED and locked, enabling several different  APPLICATIONs for the technology. RFID tags are ideal for a variety of production and commercial applications including; Horticulture, Transportation / Logistics, Manufacturing, Inventory Management, Healthcare and much more.


With RFID you have a one-to-many relationship, instead of having to inventory every item one at a time, THE READER reads everything in its area that is tagged and detects everything quick and efficient. Unlike bar codes where each bar code has to be seen to be read, RFID does not need line of site to read each tag. This is the most efficient way to capture data fast and accurately. This translates to saving time and labor cost in tracking your inventory.


Also is great for SECURITY, by positioning tag-readers at points of high risk, such as exits, and causing them to trigger ALARMS if removed or replaced.



  • The tags can be read at distance of 15 to 18 feet without line of sight.
  • Tags can be read at once without operater intervention.
  • RFID reader portals can read pallets moving in and out receiving and shipping.
  • RFID tags can be overwritten, enabling information to be UPDATED and password protected.
  • When moved from one part of a factory to another the tags are read to manage inventory levels and locations.
  • Provides a higher DEGREE of SECURITY and product authentication.
  • Each Label/Tag is unique and can act as a SECURITY feature if lost or stolen.



How is RFID used in Horticulture?

RFID helps by improving plant health and production, from seed to harvest and beyond. RFID works
well in greenhouses by collecting an accurate accounting of inventory. And, allowing greenhouse
staff to monitor key conditions for maintaining a healthy plant environment.


Track inventory and monitor environmental conditions for better plant growth and yield. Using our
RFID handhelds ACC-870-4000 or NOR-MER-5000 to capture data quickly, accurately with
less time and labor.


Monitor conditions such as temperature, humidity, and soil moisture. Use our RFID H221, H401
and DWB-P sensor tags along with our RFID handheld NOR-MER-5000 to track these conditions.


Has mobility and can be moved from areas easily and quickly with little labor. Our RFID sensors
can be moved quickly, easily, last 5 to 7 years, no batteries, no maintenance and no service
cost, less expensive than wired monitoring systems.


The data collected can provide information to help reduce operating costs. By combining the RFID
handheld NOR-MER-5000 and the RFID sensor



 Transportation & Logistics


How is RFID used in Transportation and Logistics?


Companies in transportation and logistics are utilizing RFID technology to provide management with

information tools to better manage their operations.


Eliminate shipping errors reducing costs. Use our RFID labels on pallets and our Smart Portals

2000 to very picking and loading products.


Cut inefficiencies caused by lack of product visibilities. Use RFID labels and our RFID fixed

Smart Reader 1000 to automatically read RFID labels without human intervention at key

control points showing product movement and availability in real time.


Enhance customer satisfaction and meet delivery goals. Using our RFID Smart Reader-1000,

or Smart Portal-2000 and our ACC 870-4000 and NOR MER-5000 handheld readers and our

RFID labels to accurately match products to and customer.


Reduce packaging, picking and shipping costs. Using our total RFID solution from RFID labels

to our fixed Smart Reader-1000 and Smart Portal-2000.





How is RFID used in Manufacturing?


Manufactures are using radio frequency identification (RFID) systems to track assets, inventory,

and improve personnel efficiencies. RFID is a tool that improves inventory management which reduces

inventory storage costs and financing.


Improve tracking of raw materials, supplies and finished goods. Use our RFID fixed Smart Reader-1000

or our RFID ACC-870-4000 handheld reader to collect inventory movement.


Monitor product movement and maintain accurate inventory by location. Using our RFID labels with

RFID Smart Portal-2000 reader for tracking and tracing movement of inventory by locations

without human intervention.


Follow work-in-process movement, with real-time tracking to meet or exceed production goals. Using

our fixed Smart Reader-1000 system you can accurately take inventory at different points in

production providing management with information to control costs and improve profits.





How is RFID used in Retail?


Retailers are using the technology from distribution to the stores. Item level tagging with RFID provides

access to more accurate data for both retailers and their suppliers.


A method for a faster more accurate way to take inventory. Using an RFID ACC 870-4000 or

NOR MER-5000 to verify floor merchandise and the RFIDPad-3000 at POS to easily and

accurately check items in less time than conventional methods.


Reduce out of stocks and increase sales with inventory accuracy. Using the RFID ACC 870-4000

or NOR MER-5000 handheld readers improve inventory by taking inventory more frequently

with higher accuracy, less labor and cost.


Accurately transfer products between stores. Our RFID ACC 870-4000 or NOR Mer-5000 handheld

readers provides stores with exact counts on merchandise to maintain product levels so

customers don’t walk away empty handed and insures stores transfers are accurate for

customer pick up.





How is RFID used in Security?


RFID has been used in access control for many years, providing secure entry into all different

types of buildings. Security systems and RFID are working together protecting property and personnel.


Access control providing entry into schools, businesses and government buildings. Using our

Smart Reader-1000 and Smart Portal-2000 plus our RFID Identification Cards track all personnel

within the building in case of emergencies.


Meet government and insurance mandates by tracking fire extinguishers and smoke detectors . Using

our RFID ACC 870-4000 and NOR Mer-5000 handhelds to easily record and update locations and

expiration dates. We can also provide the RFID matel tags and labels for each fire extinguisher,

smoke detector and location.


Track chain of custody with forensic evidence, lab specimens and documentation. Using our RFIDPad-3000

and Smart Reader-1000 track chain of custody with forensic evidence, lab specimens and

documentation using specially designed RFID tags and labels.


Ability to link to closed-circuit TV systems to secure valuable goods within the supply chain. Monitor goods

from one location to another by combining our fixed RFID Smart Reader-1000 to CCTV using software

to capture pictures with a time and date stamp of movement, by location with video.





How is RFID used in Healthcare?


RFID is growing in the healthcare world. RFID is providing the data for management to better track and

trace assets, inventory and personnel. This information allows management to make critical decisions

improving patient care.


Ability to monitor consumable usage to insure appropriate levels are maintained. Using our RFID

Smart Bin-9000 solution reduces out of stocks or over stocks thus saving time and money.


Providing customer satisfaction with efficient Patient identification, and reducing wait times. Using

our RFID fixed Smart Reader-1000 or the Smart Portal-2000 along with our reusable RFID

Wrist Band-WB-6000 to monitor patient activity.


Track and manage devices and equipment reducing leasing costs. Use RFID custom tags or labels

with our fixed Smart Reader-1000 to identify location of portable assets to reduce leasing costs.


Tracking patients from new born to the elderly insuring their security and safety. Using our RFID fixed

Smart Reader-1000 or the Smart Portal-2000 at key points of entry and exit and the patient RFID

Wrist Band-WB-6000 to manage patient movement alerting staff to potential problems.


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